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Paul Johnson

Mike Page

Paul Faulkner

Dan Nyman

Paul Johnson - Vox & Guitars

Mike Page - Keyboards

Paul Faulkner - Bass

Dan Nyman - Drums

Paul is El Presidente of the United States of Llewelyn. A tune and wordsmith of great dexterity, he is also a bit tasty with an oxy-acetylene torch and knows that beanz meanz Heinz.

Mike has been Paul J's co-conspiritor in the Llewelyn underground for as long as he can remember. Tragically he has a very poor memory. A true sonic alchemist, he is apparently able to coax a "Dolphin" from his synth. Greenpeace have been alerted.

The engine room of Llewelyn's rhythm nation, Paul took up bass exploration as he believes that more than four strings on a guitar is Bourgeois. A gifted purveyor of low frequencies, he also has a rare knowledge of pies and other comestibles.

Dan was Llewelyn's last big money signing, taking on the task of 'hitting stuff' in Summer 2005. Aside from crafting his sideburns in tribute to Midge Ure, Dan fears custard and believes knows that ELO are in contravention of the Geneva Convention.